Computer Installation

Computer installation services

ISB Tech Solutions provides new equipment installation and IT services to help with large-scale technology deployments that may be beyond the capabilities of your in- house IT department. As a temporary extension of your IT department, we can bring in the necessary staff and equipment to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

We can also assist with purchasing IT equipment if needed. Our team comes equipped with all the tools and resources needed to complete the installation quickly and accurately. Additionally, we understand that some installations may need to be performed outside of regular business hours and are flexible to accommodate your company’s schedule.

Monitor Installations

ISB Tech Solutions specializes in monitor installations, including adding new monitors onto monitor arms and other workstation accessories to improve efficiency and organization in the workplace. With experience installing thousands of monitors for corporate clients, we strive for picture-perfect cable management and a professional, tidy, and aesthetic look for each workstation. We also offer removal services for old monitors and monitor stands.

Cable Management services

ISB Tech Solutions provides cable management installation services to ensure a clean, organized, and safe workspace. Proper cable management is a crucial aspect of computer installation and helps prevent messy, cluttered cables and tripping hazards. Our team specializes in installing cable management systems for sit-stand desks and cubicles, ensuring a neat and functional workspace.

Deployment of New Hardware

ISB Tech Solutions offers hardware deployment services to make your technology refresh stress-free. Our team can unbox and set up new hardware, including telephones, monitors, monitor arms, docking stations, and laptops. We also provide disposal services for the old equipment, including garbage and recycling. Let us take care of your hardware refresh so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

IT Support Services

ISB Tech Solutions offers IT support services to help with special projects within your IT department. Our team can provide additional support for a few days or weeks, and assist with tasks such as installing scripts on laptops, organizing IT storage rooms, distributing technology throughout different floors, configuring printers, setting up workstations for new hires, conducting comprehensive IT inventories, scanning serial numbers, and testing office IT readiness. Let us help support your IT department in any way we can.